Fundraising Committee:

  • The purpose of the Board of Directors (BOD) is to set policy and to govern UH Cougars Athletic Alliance (UHCAA) planning, programs, resource development and financial matters.
  • Works closely with Treasurer and all Committee Chairs to build individual, foundation and corporate support for UHCAA
  • *Raise funds and obtains sponsors for the Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser for scholarships
  • * Provides deserving and academically competitive students with necessary funds to assist with their education through collective fundraising efforts from the committee, board, supporters, friends
  • *Seeks lifelong donors who have a passion for UHCAA's mission
  • *Develops a strategic plan with kick-off and ending dates, and markets to alumni, friends, community
  • *Has responsibility of involving all board members in fundraising - Board Members should complete their personal financial commitment and raise money, bring in sponsors, contact donors, etc.

Communications Marketing Committee:

  • *Provides guidance on marketing, branding, communications and media relations issues to improve UHCAA’s visibility at the university
  • *Builds a strong brand image for UHCAA among key stakeholders and donors
  • *Maintains social media and web presence to best promote UHCAA - events, activities, increase members, donors, sponsors, supporters, etc.
  • *Maintains accurate content on the web pages, social media; writes news releases, email, etc.
  • *Archives UHCAA History - digital scrapbook, photos and video on the website
  • *Send out correspondence to sponsors for appreciation; board members, supporters via email, letters, cards for appreciation, birthdays, celebrations, sympathy, etc.

Scholarship Committee:

  • *Promotes scholarship application process during the fall - earlyspring
  • *Sends an electronic confirmation receipt to all applicants
  • *Reviews scholarship applications for scoring based on established criteria
  • *Sends award letters to scholarship recipients
  • *Creates scholarship certificates and acknowledges recipients during the Annual Golf Tournament

Student-Athlete Career Network:

  • *Serves as a resource to student-athletes and assists with employment
  • *Assists students with resume development, interview preparation, job search assistance, occupational exploration and transition, and by collaborating with the University of Houston Career Services and counselors.

Special Events Committee:

  • *Provides events that reunite and cultivate relationships with UH alumni, former UH athletes, friends, sponsors, etc.
  • *Provides assistance and supports tailgating for UH home football games and other athletic events as determined by UHCAA