University of Houston Cougars Athletic Alliance Scholarship

UHCAA has as its mission the uniting and reuniting of Cougars, promoting the legacy of athletes, bridging transitions for student-athletes, and advancing the interests of the University of Houston. In an effort to support this mission, a scholarship program has been established to assist academically competitive students in financial need. Scholarships are awarded annually based upon predetermined criteria established by the UHCAA Scholarship Committee.

In 2014, the Scholarship Committee created several new scholarship award categories. The four award categories are listed as follows: Special Donor Award, Academic Achievement Award, Board of Directors' Award, and Meritorious Scholarship Award.

The latter category was created to acknowledge the contributions made to the University of Houston and UHCAA by several noteworthy individuals: Coach Elmer Redd, Dr. Marguerite Ross Barnett, and UHCAA Past Presidents.

In order to officially name these awards, permission was sought from family members of the individuals. All parties graciously granted consent. The Special Donor Award was created in deference to the generous financial gift from the Fred and Mabel R. Parks Foundation. Also, financial support for the scholarship program was received from the Keith Jenkins family. Lastly, the Academic Achievement Awards were named in honor of two long time UHCAA sponsors: Gulfgate Dodge and Frenchy's. Their committed support is greatly appreciated. To apply for scholarship, click HERE